Why gold backed ira

While researching the different companies that setup gold backed IRA account, it’s a good idea to look at the reviews and ratings from past customers and different gold IRA companies.

A few years ago I began looking into investing in precious metals. I read articles calling for a continued increase in the price of gold. Discussing the topic with friends, we agreed investing in gold or silver would be wise. The arguments for precious metals were sound.

However, as time passed, the price of gold continued to rise steadily. I continued to hold off on investing, believing that the increase in gold would be short lived, I watched the asset continue to rise in value.  Though I thought it was a good investment I expected the price to level off.

Fortunately, it did not take me long to realize the price of gold was not leveling off, but instead it continued to climb. Additionally, the economic picture revealed no promise of improving any time soon.   (The 2008 housing crisis meant for gold to spike in value)  The market became unstable and people’s retirement portfolios were losing value.  A friend who had invested in gold/silver told me how well his investments were going based on having precious metals in his portfolio. This led me to do even more research. The facts kept stacking up.  It was definitely time to consider the newest choice for my retirement portfolio- IRA gold.

Some time had passed since I had originally explored the price of gold. Its value had improved. I was ready to invest, but had no idea where to start. You may be feeling the same way.  I hope this article will save the extra leg work that I had to do.

why invest in gold backed ira


First, I found out why now is the time to invest in gold. I read articles, searched the Internet, asked friends, and I studied the valuation of precious metals. (The information below should gives reasons why Gold is a safe investment.)

One of the reasons I decided to look into gold is Inflation.  Dollars are being printed continuously. This makes each dollar printed lose its inherent value.  This will lead to prices climber higher than wages.  Gold has kept its value over time. As inflation continues countries and financiers are purchasing gold at record numbers to get as much of it as possible.  This commodity is timeless in value.

Inflation is devaluing the U.S. dollar!

Unlike other resources and goods, gold cannot be manufactured. It must be mined from the Earth. Fortunately, this makes it a relatively scarce asset and more sought after than most commodities. This will not change and therefore,as inflation continues the price of gold is expected to only go up.


Secondly, I researched other investment options. In order to make a sound decision with my money I wanted to make sure I understood what other vehicles were available for investing in a retirement plan. I looked at Traditional IRA’s, Roth IRA’s, and a variety of others. I talked to investment brokers and banks.

Let’s briefly discuss some of the other retirement options. Regardless of which type of retirement account you decide to invest in, a custodian (a bank, brokerage firm, or mutual fund) will be chosen to “hold” your assets.

Roth IRA’s. A Roth IRA is an Individual Retirement Account with a future tax break—during retirement. It allows holders to use the money contributed (but not the earnings) at any time, tax and penalty-free. It’s a great option for those just starting out who won’t mind the early tax deductions.

SEP IRA’s and SIMPLE IRA’s. A SEP IRA, or a Simplified Employee Pension, provides employers an avenue for contributing towards their employee’s IRA’s. They follow the same investment and distribution guidelines as a traditional IRA. On the other hand, a Simple IRA is a plan that both employer and employee can contribute to and is often used by smaller companies unable to provide retirement plans.

Self-directed IRA’s. A self-directed IRA can have many similarities to a traditional or Roth IRA. It can hold CD’s or mutual funds. However, it can also include real estate, notes, and other assets. This allows the investor the opportunity to diversify a bit.

So how does Gold figure in?

Consider the Gold IRAs. A Gold IRA is a self directed IRA. It allowed me  to invest money in an asset other than stocks. It gave me the diversification that I wanted and a safe investment against inflation which can devalue stocks quickly.  A Gold IRA account can also include silver, platinum, palladium, gold coins and silver coins.

gold backed ira investing

Investing in Gold IRA is a solid hedge against inflation.

Physical gold IRA is a great choice for preparing for your financial future. It remains the only monetary unit that has lasted for 5000 years. This precious metal has maintained its purchasing power throughout every civilization and economy in history. Inflation continues to devalue the U.S. Dollar. (For example, the price for a loaf of bread in 1970 was markedly lower than it is today.) History demonstrates this pattern will continue. However, the benefit of this is that the prices of goods like gold will also continue to rise. In fact, inflation has caused the price of gold to double over the last five years. As time goes on, my investment continues to grow.

Some financial experts expect a hyperinflation (inflation that is rapid and out of control) to occur soon and could cause the price of gold to rise as high as $5000/ounce or higher while everything else is decreasing in value. Investing in gold IRA now prepares you for this wonderful payoff.  You can rest in the confidence of your money being safe.


Next, I explored different companies specializing in precious metals. I looked at their prices (recognizing not all were the same), reviews, their Better Business Bureau and TrustLink ratings. This was my money. I wanted to make sure it was safe. This helped me find a company I could trust to take care of my investment and my future.

When all of this was complete, I was able to make a wise investment. I ordered my starter kit and prepared for my future.

I am thrilled I made the decision to invest in a gold backed IRA. It allowed me to diversify my portfolio and feel more secure as prices increase and the market fluctuates. But I did not make this decision on a whim. I did my research.

I perused the options and found Regal Assets to be by far the best company out there. They answered my questions (and I had a lot!). They sent me a free gold kit explaining more about the company and the history of gold. I did not feel pressured or insulted by their professionals. Instead I found the best cost for gold and a seven-day delivery guarantee. I genuinely enjoyed working with them and recommend them to my friends. It feels good knowing I’m not the only one impressed by Regal Assets. They also received an A+ from the Better Business Bureau and are mentioned in magazines such as Smart Money and Forbes.

A gold backed IRA through Regal Assets was an easy choice and allows me a worry-free present and a financially-sound future.


By Michael Brown

Retirement planning expert and rollover IRA to gold adviser.