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BBB Rating:  A, with 18 complaints closed in the past 3 years, 7 closed in the past 12 months. (updated on July20, 2014)

March 10, 2013
March 10, 2013

Rosland Capital is a precious metals company operating out of their Santa Monica, California, headquarters. As a business that participates in the precious metals investing industry since its establishment in 2008, Rosland Capital offers a range of American gold and silver coins, historic world coins and modern bullion. In addition to services that cater to the buying and selling of gold coins, silver coins and bullion, the company also facilitates the setting up of gold-backed IRA accounts as a reliable hedge against inflation and hyperinflation. As stated in its website, Rosland Capital is committed to earning the trust of its clients, and this is evidenced significantly by its willingness to buy back any qualified precious metal based on current market value. The company is known for its heavy advertising, with the likes of American celebrity William Devane as one of its endorsers. Rosland Capital has earned a BBB rating of A and a score of 3 stars out of 5 at TrustLink Reviews.

Rosland Capital Gold IRA Services

If you are planning to diversify your IRA portfolio by investing in gold or silver, you will find a wealth of online information through the website of Rosland Capital. The site summarizes the importance of investment diversification for purposes of risk mitigation and inflation protection as well as the significance and staying power of gold in a highly volatile market. Rosland Capital also operates through a team of representatives who are adept at providing customized investment options and explaining the strategic process involved in each investment or transaction. A positive Rosland Capital Trustlink Review on the TrustLink site has praised one of the account representatives of the company for his customer attention and knowledge, especially where buy backs are concerned.

Rosland Capital makes it possible for its clients and prospective customers to stay updated on the latest news affecting the gold market through its Market News page. There is also a highly-detailed page on Coins from numismatic coins to modern coins, where anyone can check on the historical and current market value of these coins. To prove their competence as a precious metals firm, Rosland Capital has published two glowing testimonials from American actor William Devane and leading financial expert Jeffrey Nichols on their website. Nonetheless, it remains important for any prospective investor to perform independent research on Rosland Capital, or any other gold IRA company, by checking out Rosland Capital Reviews.

Rosland Capital BBB Rating and TrustLink Reviews

As a precious metals firm, Rosland Capital has earned a rating of A from the BBB or Better Business Bureau and a score of 3 stars out of 5 from TrustLink. The ability of the company to provide competitive pricing and to make buy back guarantees has contributed to its positive reviews. Investors have also praised the competence and attention afforded to them by Rosland Capital account representatives, especially in transactions that involve physical gold buying and buyback requests. This is an impressive feat for a company that has been in business since only 5 years ago, compared to the older and more established precious metals trading firms in operation today.

However, the BBB rating of A obtained by Rosland Capital is not without its fair share of disputes and issues. More than a few complaints have been posted on TrustLink, a forum website founded by the BBB where consumer complaints can be posted for everyone to see. One of the most common complaints against Rosland Capital is overcharged fees. A review posted on another site accused the company of charging a hefty 4.5% broker’s fee in addition to the price posted online, for purchases facilitated through phone. This misunderstanding could have been prevented if the company website contained such information, specifically since additional fees were required.

Another reviewer on TrustLink Reviews posted a complaint on Rosland Capital’s unwillingness to honor their buyback policy. According to one customer, not only was he overcharged on his gold purchases, the account representative he transacted with also refused to purchase his gold back, which runs contrary to the guarantee of Rosland Capital to purchase back eligible gold coins at current market value. Another complainant raised the issue of getting paid back only half of the guaranteed amount by Rosland Capital on the agreed buy back contract. Other accusations against the company include false advertising, second-rate shipping and packaging and rude account representatives. A report posted on states that Rosland Capital uses “deceptive tactics” in their marketing efforts. The individual who was complaining against the precious metals firm alleged that Rosland Capital had sold him coins that are not only over-priced but also of substandard quality.

There are several other Rosland Capital Reviews online, wherein one of them cited the company’s limited inventory of precious metals for sale. If this allegation is true and if the company has not taken steps to replenish its inventory, potential investors may have to go somewhere else. According to the reviewer, Rosland Capital’s inventory is primarily made up of gold and silver coins. Furthermore, bullion sales have not been a focus of the company for a considerable time. Anyone who plans to invest in bullion through the company will have to settle for numismatic gold coins and silver coins or transact somewhere else.

The Importance of BBB and TrustLink Reviews

The Better Business Bureau rates each business or company based on accreditation standards and the ability of the company to resolve complaints at the soonest time possible. While the Rosland Capital BBB Rating of A may tell us that the company has fulfilled accreditation requirements and complaints resolution on time, the accompanying Rosland Capital Trustlink Review and complaints do not necessarily paint an attractive picture in terms of building up the company’s competence and credibility as a precious metals investment firm.


Whether you choose to go for Rosland Capital or any other company when transferring or rolling over your IRA into a gold-backed IRA, it is always recommended to read up on reviews, whether from TrustLink or any other online review site. This improves your chances of finding a stable, competent and reliable company for your precious metals investments and financial goals.

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By Michael Brown

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Michael Brown

Retirement planning expert and rollover IRA to gold adviser.