Let Me Show You The Gold IRA Investing Kit I Got From Regal Assets

I’ve mentioned many times on this blog and others about how I came to decide to go with with Regal Assets for my precious metals IRA investing. And one of the main things that convinced me was the free investors kit they sent me. Now it’s one thing to tell you how great it is and show you a picture of it. But I really wanted to show you everything it has and how valuable it was for me so I shot a video and put it up at YouTube.

I was a little nervous, and damn(!) I look old, but hopefully you can see how genuinely impressed I was with this free kit:
I have some problems with youtube channel. video will be online soon.

Alright, I don’t think Hollywood is going to be calling anytime soon. But I really did get a lot out of that kit. You know, when I first started looking into adding precious metals to my retirement investments, I didn’t know anything about gold. I just kept hearing that it might be a good investment alternative in ads on the radio, in junk emails and banner ads on the web. And we all know that there’s no end to the opinions from friends, associates and acquaintances about investing. It’s easy to get confused and frustrated.

Gold IRA Investing Kit regal assets

So it’s really important to get at the best information possible and in addition to investigating some of the free resources that I’ve recommended elsewhere, I highly recommend that you get the latest version of this educational kit from Regal Assets. They are obviously pro-gold, but there’s no hype and it’s clear that they want their potential customers to be as informed as possible before they make any decisions about investing in gold for their IRAs.

Take some time with all of this and then let it simmer for a few days before you take the next step. Investing in gold or other precious metals for your IRA doesn’t have to be an arduous decision.

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How Important Is It That Gold Did Not Drop Below 1200 For IRA Investing?

Well, we watched gold take another big drop recently. Bernanke implied that perhaps quantitative easing was over and this was one of things that had a negative impact on the market. I think a lot of people thought, OK, this is the big drop that’s going to really hurt gold IRA investing. But I watched the pricing and didn’t hit the panic button.

We watched gold values drop and come near that 1200 number. But the pricing flirted with 1200 but never went below it. And slowly but surely gold values went up. As of today, we’re back up around 1330.

gold chart 2014

ira precious metals

So how important was it that gold did not go below 1200? Well of course, like other amateur gold ira investors I’m glad it didn’t. And I thought this was basically the market saying we’re not giving up on gold yet.

For long-term investors like us we simply can’t get caught up too much in the short term market gyrations.

Part of the reason I don’t fret too much over precious metals pricing changes in the short term is that I know that these are reactions in the market to factors like the Fed, U.S. economic data and the possible easing of asset purchases. If I was trying to make a buck by, say, next month, these would be very important things for me to pay attention to.

But there are other factors that are actually much more important for me to pay attention to for investing in gold for an IRA since I am holding it for a long run . . .

One of the most important of which is the rising demand for physical gold in countries like China and India. Yes, it’s true that gold ETF’s have not done that well in China for instance. But remember that it is physical gold that that the Chinese really prefer, especially as they rise into the middle class. In fact, the World Gold Council actually estimates that China will surpass India as a consumer of gold this year.

At the end of the day, you just need to know which data and trends to pay attention to with regards to investing in gold for your IRA and which to not pay attention to. Learning how to do that will make you a better investor and frankly make it a bit easier to sleep at night.

And if you ever want more professional advice, give my friends at Regal Assets a shout. They were the guys I got started with when I first considered gold IRA investing. They have a free guide that will set up to make a really informed decision and I can’t think of a better way to get started.

Investing In A Precious Metals IRA

You really can’t avoid hearing about precious metals IRA investing these days. The commercials are on talk radio, they’re on TV; you see ads at your favorite websites, you get emails pitching gold or silver investing . . .

There’s a good reason for all of this. Anyone who wants to protect their portfolio, who is concerned about inflation, who worries about a falling dollar . . . or simply anybody who wants diversity in their investments is looking at adding precious metals.

Personally, one of the things that is causing me to look at gold IRA investing is our Federal Government’s policy of printing more and more money as part of a failed policy to stimulate the economy . . .

precious metals

precious metals in ira

You may not want to go ahead and respond to one of those commercials or ads just yet. Because you don’t feel like you have enough information. Now, I’m not saying ignore the ads, ignore the commercials and ignore the emails from the various dealers. In fact, there’s a gold IRA investment specialist that I’ve checked out thoroughly that I’ll recommend later in this article. But there are a number of authority sites that you should also check out as part of getting educated.

Anytime I have difficulty in making a decision it’s almost always due to the fact that I don’t have enough information yet. So with something as important as your investment portfolio and your retirement, I can’t stress enough the importance making an informed decision.

So with that in mind, I’ve taken the time to assemble a number of precious metals authority sites for you to investigate. Now keep in mind, some of these aren’t exactly targeted to the retail investor. And some of them frankly have some “white paper” content that’s very technical and scholarly. But they are all worth looking into to round out your knowledge of gold IRA investing. And since they aren’t selling any physical product, their perspective is valuable.

So here are the sites. I hope you find them helpful:

The American Numismatic Organization:

The World Gold Council:

The Silver Institute:

The United States Mint:

Bankrate’s site:

These are just a few, but they have more than enough great content to get you started.

Now, about the precious metals investment firm that I mentioned earlier. I’ve checked out a number of these dealers and while some of them are pretty good, my favorite by far is Regal Assets. This is because of their high BBB rating, their guaranteed 7 day delivery, their vast experience with retirement accounts and their overall customer service. But one of the first things that really impressed me was the free gold investors kit that they sent me. It took me at least a couple of hours to go through this thing, and after I finished I felt so much more confident about moving forward with my investments. So in addition, to spending some time at the sites I’ve recommended above, I highly recommend you get your free gold educational kit for IRA investing  and review here.

Gold IRA Investing, Is It Right For You?

Preparing for our financial futures can be a pretty intimidating process.  There are many different options to consider when deciding to invest funds into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

There are various types of IRAs, each with their own qualifications.  You should meet with your financial adviser to find out which one works best for you.  In this article you will be introduced to gold IRA investing.  This is the practice of investing a portion of your funds into precious metals.

Since the passage of the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, the federal government has allowed owners of IRAs to invest in precious metals, such as gold, silver, and platinum.  Gold IRA investing has become very popular over the past ten years due to the fact that the price of gold has consistently risen during a time that stock prices became very unstable.

gold ira retirement planning

Many financial advisers have steered their clients toward gold as a hedge to protect their investments.  We have seen the economy decline, led by the real estate markets, over the past decade.  The price of precious metals has escalated over the same period of time, particularly that of gold.  This has caused a greater demand for gold, which in turn has led to additional increases in the value of gold.

Gold can be added to any IRA in the form of bars or coins.  Per IRS regulations, the precious metals cannot be held in the physical possession of the owners.  They are required to be held in a depository that has been approved by the IRS, such as the Delaware Depository Service Co. located in Wilmington, Delaware.

Here are some tips to consider once you’ve made the decision to include gold in your investment portfolio.  Gold coins must be determined to be 99.5% pure in order to be included in an IRS-approved retirement account and they must be classified as legal tender.  Some coins that meet the criteria are the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, the American Gold Eagle, and the Austrian Philharmonics.  These are just a few of the qualifying coins.  Your adviser can direct you to more.

Also, account holders can chose between gold coins, gold bullion, and gold stock (normally stock  from mining companies that mine gold). Gold coins tend to be the most stable, while stock tends to be significantly more risky.  There is always some risk involved in all investment transactions.  You should seek the advice of a qualified accountant or tax professional prior to making any decisions of which form to invest in.

So how do you get started with gold IRA investing? The first step is to meet with your financial professional to decide which type of account you will qualify for.  You will then need to fund the account.  There are several options for doing this including: transfer of funds from another account, direct roll-over, or cash infusion.  The final step is to start investing in gold, or other precious metal. This may sound like an over-simplification, however it actually is this easy.

Experts on gold ira retirement planning are available to assist you with your decision making process.  You will have many questions you will want to ask, and it’s very important that you get fully informed.  Which accounts qualify for investing in precious metal?  How do you maintain your desired tax status?  How do you process a roll-over of funds from one account to another?  An expert in gold IRAs can answer these questions and help you assess your needs. Out of all the firms out there, we like Regal Assets the best. They have a very good BBB rating, guaranteed 7 day delivery and a very complete free investment kit to get you started.

Many people have already discovered the benefits of precious metals IRA investments and have found security for their financial futures.  It’s never too late to start investing in your future, but every day you wait is money that won’t be growing and adding to your retirement funds. Waiting too long could mean the difference between “just getting by” in your retirement, and living comfortably.

By Michael Brown
Retirement planning expert and rollover IRA to gold adviser.

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Rollover 401k When Changing Employers

The trend to rollover 401k policies into a different type of retirement account is now gaining pace. If you are about to switch jobs it would be the perfect opportunity to take a step back and analyse which option would be the most desirable. Be aware that if you change your job and do not move your 401k plan, your original employer would be legally allowed to penalise you financially.

When the time has come to open a new retirement account, you will have to decide which option would best suit your retirement and investment goals and aspirations. Of course you can choose a new 401k account if you so wish, or if you prefer there is the possibility of rolling over to an IRA.

Choosing to convert a 401k to an IRA has become a popular choice and for good reason. With an IRA there would be greater investment options than you had with the 401k policy. If you would like to exert greater control over how your savings are invested you can do so with an individual retirement account. It would provide you the freedom to choose an investment instrument that matches your preferences and situation, this would not be the case with a 401k as the scope for influence is extremely low.

If you are interested in converting your 401k to an IRA (aka gold ira rollover) you will have the choice between two types of accounts, namely a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA. With the former your contributions would be tax deductible, whereas with a Roth account this would not be the case.

Always do as much analysis as you can prior to making a decision, it is not a task that should be taken lightly. If possible consult an investment advisor as well as a tax advisor before making a final decision. Any 401k rollover will have an impact on your retirement plans and potentially your tax liability.

It is worth noting that you will need to get hold of a policy document from your past employer which you will need to complete with information relating to how you would like to rollover the 401k. If the employer is not forthcoming with the document seek legal assistance immediately as you would not want to jeopardize your savings. As a general rule, most rollover plans would also require spousal consent before the funds are transferred.

The plan document and 401k statement should allow you a clear understanding of the capital that is currently held as well as the rules that govern the rollover. Read all the information thoroughly so as you are aware of all the consequences.

If you opt for an indirect rollover and actually receive the funds personally, you must deposit these into a new IRA account within a sixty day period or you will be hit with withdrawal penalties and charges. Most people would opt for a direct rollover as this is thought of as a less risky option and not as complicated. Whatever you decide, do so only after careful research and analysis of all the factors and considerations.

Understanding The Process Of 401k Withdrawal

A 401k withdrawal is a process in which the capital held in an existing 401k plan is taken out or transferred. Though designed as a retirement investment plan, a situation may come about prior to retirement whereby access to the funds is needed. Depending upon age, there are a number of options that are associated with a 401k withdrawal.

Those account holders who would like to remove the funds prior to reaching fifty nine and a half years old are entitled to withdraw the full balance of their 401k in a single lump sum. When this option is chosen, the provider of the account will hold back a certain percentage so as to pay the required taxes. There would also be an extra percentage retained by the administrator which is a penalty charge levied due to removing the funds before reaching retirement age.

Individuals aged between fifty nine and a half and seventy years old can also withdraw the full balance of their 401k plan in a lump sum. There would be a certain percentage of the capital kept back to pay necessary taxes but there should be no penalty charge made for removing the capital. The money that is held on to by the administrator to cover taxes can also be counted towards the tax debt in the current period.

People of all ages who have a 401k account have other options apart from a straight withdrawal. For example, if considering removing the capital due to a change of employer you should understand that you have the option of leaving the existing plan in place, but to do so there should be a minimum balance kept in the account.

Rollover ira into gold

Another option that may be preferable than withdrawing all the cash is to transfer the balance to a new plan, for example an IRA, Individual Retirement Account. If this is of interest to you, you will need to understand the difference between a traditional IRA and a Roth IRA as both have certain terms and conditions attached.

Before coming to any decision on a 401k withdrawal, you should find out whether there are other avenues you could go down that would allow you access to the amount of money you require at this stage in your life. Perhaps you would be better off in the long term availing of a home equity loan, this may work out more favorably as opposed to using up your retirement savings.

Even a zero per cent credit card may present you with a line of credit that can be used to cover any emergency payments that are due, such as mortgage arrears or medical bills.

You may find it useful if you talk to an investment plan advisor before taking a new course of action. They should be able to analyse your situation professionally and put forward a plan of action that would allow you to reduce the amount of financial loss that may occur. Withdrawing the funds from a 401k plan should not be a decision that is taken lightly or quickly.

How To Carry Out A 401k Early Withdrawal

A situation may arise in your life whereby a 401k early withdrawal appears to be an option worth considering, for example you may need access to funds to support yourself and your family. Understand that if you were to withdraw your money at a time far sooner then what was expected, you will be liable for various penalties. If you feel that you have no other option, take a moment to read the following advice on how to perform an early 401k withdrawal.

When taking the money out of a 401k account prior to your retirement date, you will be required by law to pay income tax on the capital. This would be calculated at your current tax rate, if you are not sure exactly how much tax this would entail, consult a tax advisor. If the funds are classified as income the rate may be as high as 28%, this would take a huge chunk out of the money you have access to. Understand that there may be a requirement to pay both federal and state taxes.

It may be the case that your 401k plan has a special clause whereby an early withdrawal is only allowed you are undergoing serious financial hardship. This could include situations that involved emergency medical payments, mortgage payments to avoid foreclosure, funeral expenses, and sometimes college bills for a son, daughter, or spouse. It is vital that before you attempt a withdrawal you are clear on the conditions that would govern the release of the funds.

Alongside paying a large income tax bill, you will also be presented with a ten per cent penalty charge from the account provider if you perform an early withdrawal of your 401k. For this reason it is essential that you analyse in detail whether or not you should proceed with the withdrawal.

401k Early Withdrawal

401k rollover to gold ira

The penalty would be levelled before any tax bill is paid, therefore this charge can be a not inconsiderable sum, for example if you have built up a nest egg of $200,000 you will be penalized $20,000 by taking this action.

It is worth noting that there may also be a strict set of rules in place that govern how much you can actually withdraw form your 401k account at an early stage. You should contact the plan’s provider or your employer’s HR department for the latest information in this regard.

Prior to going ahead with a withdrawal it is worth exploring whether there are other options that would not result in such a loss financially. For example, there are 401k loans that can be availed that have favorable interest rates, this is a possibility that may be preferable considering the penalty charge and tax bills that would need to be paid upon removing your 401k capital. Another option would be a 401k rollover.

It is vital that whatever decision you make, it is only done after analysing various factors and having consulted your 401k plan’s provider. To start with, visit the website of the provider as here you can find exact details of the penalties and charges relating to an early withdrawal.


Undertaking A 401k Hardship Withdrawal Process

A 401k plan is a type of retirement investment account that is offered by an employer to help employees monetarily when they reach retirement age. There is an option of making an early withdrawal of the capital under certain circumstances. If you are currently experiencing great financial difficulty due to an unforeseen situation, you may be allowed to initiate a 401k hardship withdrawal. This is permitted if you have no real option open to you apart from drawing on the investment funds to get through a period of monetary difficulty.

If you believe that this is a decision that you will have to consider seriously, first of all you need to make certain that your financial hardship would meet the qualification criteria. Understand that the provider of your 401k plan would have strict rules in place that govern the situations when a hardship withdrawal is permitted.

Any of the following predicaments and outlay can be a basis for a hardship withdrawal – emergency medical expenses, college expenses for a dependent, funeral expenses, and when extra capital is necessary to prevent a foreclosure on your main place of residence.

You will need to find out whether a Proof of Need document must be submitted to your current employer in order to be eligible for a withdrawal on the basis of hardship. If this is the case, speak to your HR manager to be made aware of the documents that would have to be provided. If your plan is termed as being “self-certification” it is unlikely that you would be asked to present a Proof of Need.

Before undertaking the withdrawal be clear on whether the funds that would be made available are large enough to meet your financial expenses. Removing capital to cover an economic hardship has strict rules which govern its activity. It is often stipulated that you must first explore other options to meet your hardship requirements prior to cashing out the 401k investment plan.

It should be noted that any early withdrawal from a 401k policy would result in tax liability. For this reason you should be clear on your tax bracket and have an accurate assessment of the amount of taxes that would be required to be paid. Under certain situations you may end up losing as much as thirty to forty per cent of the collateral due to federal and state tax laws.

Once you have carried out an early withdrawal and have met you financial hardship obligations you can then report the amount you have used on the following year’s tax return as gross income. If you are under any confusion as to how to do this you should seek advice from an experienced tax advisor.

Alongside the above mentioned rules and conditions, you will not be allowed to make further contributions to a 401k plan for a minimum of six months upon receiving the withdrawal money. This aspect of the policy is in place to deter applicants from considering an early withdrawal. Under the same rule no employer matching contributions will be given for the same amount of time.

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What Is A Solo 401k Plan

A solo 401k plan, or self employed 401k as it is sometimes called, is designed for independent contractors and the owners of small businesses to hold and develop retirement savings. It is often thought of as the most desirable retirement investment option as the annual contribution limits are set high and are also tax free. The capital which is deposited can grow tax free until the time the funds are withdrawn upon retirement.

Solo 401k Plan

gold ira rollovers

If this is an option that is of interest to you, your first step should be to make certain your meet the eligibility requirements that are set out. In general terms, if you are self employed in some form you should be approved for a solo 401k.

Once you believe you do match the qualifications that are given, you will then need to identify a reputable provider. There are in fact various investment firms you can open a 401k plan with, research the differences and be clear on how your deposits will be invested. You may have a preference on whether the capital is being used to buy stocks, mutual funds, mortgage loans, investment loans, or life annuities.

It is vital that you familiarize yourself with the latest rules that govern the 401k solo account yearly contributions. As of 2013, you can contribute as much as one hundred per cent of the first $17,500 you earn in a self employed role, and a smaller percentage thereafter. The upper limit would be $51,000 for 2013 and $52,000 for 2014.

You will need to receive the necessary documents and forms from a 401k provider. Also there would be a requirement for you to submit material that proves that you are self employed and that the income that is deposited year on year comes through no other source.

Many owners of small businesses do not have the time to analyze and research the various benefits and constraints relating to taking out a solo 401k plan. For this reason you may find it preferable to hire an investment advisor who can explain the various nuances and details of the different options.

Before you decide on a retirement plan it is essential that you are clear on the capital you would like to have access to upon reaching the age of sixty five, and the type of lifestyle you would desire. By having a clearly defined set of targets you should find it easier to make a decision governing a 401k plan.

If you currently hold other retirement plans, you may find it beneficial to roll these over into a solo 401k. Be aware of any restrictions or penalties that may be levied when switching from one investment account to another, a withdrawal may leave you at a loss financially.

Once you have found a suitable plan you should then try and contribute the maximum amount each year. The tax deductible nature of a solo 401k is one of the most desirable features that is available. Remember to make contributions prior to December 31 each year to be provided the greatest tax benefits.

By Michael Brown
Retirement planning expert and rollover IRA to gold adviser.

401k to gold IRA rollover considerations

If you are interested in a 401k rollover or 401k to gold ira rollover, you will have to consider you future needs as well as present market conditions. There are in fact a number of options that you may find desirable. Take your time to consider each from various angles so that you can continue to invest wisely.

It is important to never lose sight of the fact that a 401k rollover is a great tool to use to maximize your income in retirement. Your own personal goals will not necessarily be the same as everyone else’s, by having a clear understanding of what your exact aims are you should be able to choose the right option. Maximizing the potential return on the investment should always be at the front of your mind when making a decision.

401k to gold ira rollover

One of the main advantages of having a 401k plan is the tax deferred status of the policy. By deferring the tax burden on your savings you should be able to ensure your have access to a desirable amount of money in old age. If you choose the wrong rollover option you may no longer be eligible to delay tax payments with the result that you end up losing a large sum of money.

Maintaining the correct tax status should take precedence when it comes to analysing the various possibilities. Understand that if you decide to switch over to a Roth account, any money that is transferred will result in a tax bill needing paying.

It would be useful to garner as much information as you can that relates to whether it would be wise to carry out a 401k rollover. Unless you are offered an account with a far greater yield or preferable customer service, the wisdom of rolling over your 401k would not be so great. If you would prefer to have all the capital in a single place to be able to exert a greater control over the investment, converting to an IRA may be a desirable decision to make.

If you are offered a worthwhile IRA plan from your employer, prior to commencing the rollover you should understand the way in which the IRS designates both the present account and the new retirement account. It is essential to be fully ware of the tax status prior to transferring any funds. Knowing when the new retirement account will be active can help you to make the correct decision.

When the time has come to initiate the transfer, be certain that your request a direct rollover. This would help ensure that the tax deferment is maintained and that no penalties or additional charges will be levelled. If the rollover is indirect, i. E. When the funds are transferred into your hands prior to the new account opening, you will run the risk of being seen as having made a withdrawal which would be subject to a not inconsiderate tax bill.

Never make a hasty decision when it comes to choosing whether to carry out a rollover and the timing. Do your research in full and take as much advice as possible.

American Bullion review

Website: http://www.americanbullion.com/

BBB Rating: A, with 15 complaints closed in the past 3 years, 4 closed in the past 12 months

A member of the American Numismatic Association and a United States Mint listed dealer, American Bullion carries a wide range of gold and silver bullion, coins and bars, as well as a collection of antique U.S. and European coins that date back to 1933 and earlier. This Los Angeles-based company also offers a wide selection of palladium and platinum coins and bars. American Bullion helps investors convert their current IRA into gold and also offers a wide range of gold and silver products for direct purchase. With its highly-trained Operations Department and a dedicated IRA Department, American Bullion has helped investors purchase gold and add gold into their existing IRA portfolio in a secure and efficient manner. Potential investors can access clear information on gold buying and gold IRA investing, as well as the simple process required in direct rollovers and direct transfers, at the American Bullion website. This makes it handy for anyone planning to transfer a part of their IRA or their entire IRA into gold.

A Guide to Gold Buying and Investing

Given the fact that not many investors may recognize the benefits of gold buying and gold investing, American Bullion has taken the extra mile to provide a Free Gold Guide to anyone considering to purchase physical gold or convert their IRA or 401k to gold. If you are looking for more information on gold buying and gold investing, this free guide can answer your most pressing questions and allow you to better understand which options are available and how you can benefit from them. There is also a comprehensive Retirement Resource page on their site, which contains a handy list of IRA-approved metals and a FAQ page that discusses IRAs and IRA rollovers. Interested gold and silver coin investors may peruse an entire page dedicated to a discussion on the various American Eagle silver and gold bullion coins. Applications can be done easily online, through the availability of digital forms and applications. A Precious Metals Specialist is also available for direct calls to address any question or verification.

American Bullion Credentials

As one of the trusted names in gold IRA creation and rollovers, American Bullion carries more than a few credentials under its belt. Not only is this company listed as a recognized dealer for The United States Mint, it also has secured a membership with the ANA or American Numismatic Association and the ICTA or Industry Council of Tangible Assets. Furthermore, American Bullion has obtained a rating of A from the BBB or Better Business Bureau as well as favorable reviews at TrustLink. Previous clients have praised the specialized IRA Department of American Bullion in providing exceptional customer assistance. However, American Bullion has had to resolve a sale and advertising issue with the BBB during the past 3 years which, perhaps, may explain its rating of A with the Bureau.

Prior to choosing any gold IRA company, including American Bullion, you can benefit from checking out online reviews and verifying their specific offerings where gold investing and buying is concerned. This will help you choose a trustworthy gold IRA company that perfectly fits your investing needs and capabilities.

Which company is recommended?

Be Sure To Check Out Our #1 Rated Gold IRA Company A+ BBBbest gold ira company


By Michael Brown

Retirement planning expert and rollover IRA to gold adviser.