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BBB Rating: A+, with 51 complaints closed in the past 3 years, 10 closed in the past 12 months

Carrying a wide range of precious metals for direct purchase or investing, APMEX is considered to be one of the most trusted sources of precious metals, such as gold, silver, palladium, and platinum, all over the world. The APMEX website features more than 5,000 selections of precious metals in coin, bar, and bullion forms, including Royal Canadian Mint and U.S. Mint bullion products. In addition, the company offers an excellent range of items which are allowed in a Precious Metals IRA. These include, but are not limited to, gold bars and rounds, Canadian gold, silver, platinum and palladium Maple Leafs, APMEX fine silver bars, Austrian gold and silver, and many others.

The company operates through a network of account representatives who are available for prompt processing of orders and IRA custodians that help facilitate in opening a Precious Metals IRA. If you are interested in diversifying your investable assets in precious metals but don’t know where to start, APMEX makes sure that their representatives are available through call, live chat and email to answer any of your questions on precious metals investing.

A Keen Focus on Gold IRA Investing

While APMEX facilitates the buying and selling of precious metals, it is clear how this company directs a huge part of its efforts in gold IRA investing. The website offers comprehensive information on the benefits of rolling over an existing IRA into a Precious Metals IRA, ways to safeguard and diversify a retirement portfolio, and the difference between transferring an existing IRA, rolling over an existing IRA, and establishing a new Precious Metals IRA. APMEX has made it easier for anyone planning to venture into gold IRA investing to get down to the basics and understand the key concepts needed in order to make a more informed investing decision. A FAQ page on Precious Metals IRA investing provides interested investors with quick answers to some of their most pressing questions.

With all IRA purchases done through phone, transactions are fast, efficient, and seamless. There is also a free downloadable report that you can access through the APMEX website. With the availability of this free report, it is perceived that APMEX strives to offer ample information to their clients regarding IRA diversification and the advantages of investing in gold and other precious metals for retirement.

APMEX Credentials

APMEX guarantees that all of the items they sell are genuine based on weight, purity, and other crucial factors, making their selections an exceptional choice for investors and collectors alike. Due to this, the Better Business Bureau or BBB has given APMEX a rating of A+. Past clients have praised the company for their wide inventory and excellent customer service. However, the past 3 years have seen APMEX dealing with a total of 51 complaints, all of which have already been closed or resolved. For the past 12 months, moreover, the company has had to close a total of 10 complaints.

While APMEX clearly has an edge in terms of precious metals inventory and customer focus, it will be helpful for any potential investor to compare services, products, and prices among other gold IRA investing companies. This ensures a sound investing strategy that will result in the best possible returns from a trustworthy precious metals source.

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By Michael Brown

Retirement planning expert and rollover IRA to gold adviser.

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Michael Brown

Michael Brown

Retirement planning expert and rollover IRA to gold adviser.